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  • Bundle Price: $12.00

  • Bundle Credit:12




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Review: 91

This Album Includes

Fusion Collection

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1 Computer Parts $8 5060163893715 8
2 Bass Station $1 9340813018559 1
3 Xelon Entertainment $3 9340813018689 3

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  • Title : This station is aswm

    Reviewer :Scott

    Comment :This station is aswmoee! I've listened to a bunch of internet radio stations, but this one seems to be very well put together from the start, especially for an independent music channel. Here's to a great future for localsounds.fm!

  • Title : I still use mine. I

    Reviewer :Chris

    Comment :I still use mine. I have my wii and i game on the PC. So I'm playing mass efecft (much better on pc than on console)Any console you buy must have the games you WANT to play.Wii: You get less graphics but the new control scheme. RE4 is a great game on the wii, for instance. Zelda game pretty much justifies the whole system.No More Heroes is an instant classic, and i reccomend it highly.Metroid is a great example of a console shooter done correctly.Mario is rated extremely highly.Easy hackability to play emulated classic nintendo games.New games are coming out now that the developers get it Xbox: Halo. Theres some others.PS3: Idk because i don't care.I typically don't do those systems because the games are shallow. I vowed to never get another console until the wii came out.The wii is about fun. Its great for 9 year olds, and for having great drinking parties with ur buddies.Xbox is a solid system that just ups and dies on you periodically. I wanted one for dead rising, alone.The PS3 is for the gamer who is mostly interested in going OMG LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DISPLAY ON MY TV OMG YOU GUYS LOVE ME hey, guys? hello? oh yeah no one is here because i have no friends.HOWEVER: DO NOT listen to any fanboi posters who love their console and would be happy to tie it to their waists and follow them into the fiery depths of hell. Buy a systemm based on the GAMES you want to play with it.

  • Title : http://httplinks.co/site/nassaubocesperkins.org/

  • Title : http://httplinks.co/site/tonylupina.com/

  • Title : http://httplinks.co/site/californiaprofessionallicensedefenseblog.com/